Allied Faction Overview



The USA deploys advanced technology that focuses on precise but powerful strikes, most notably seen in their airforce and missile systems. Being part of the Allied Forces they also utilise experimental technology derived from Einstein's research; such as all new sonic emitters and high powered laser systems capable of taking down enemy missiles.

Rank 1

Search and Destroy
  • Replaces the Grizzly Tank with the Crusader Tank
  • Increases speed of all ground units by 15%

  • Tiered support power that drops a Spec Ops team anywhere on the map
  • Rank 1: 4 Rangers, 1 Guardian GI
  • Rank 2: 6 Rangers, 2 Guardian GI
  • Rank 3: 2 SEALs, 2 Guardian GI, 2 Coyotes
Rank 2

Drone Carrier
  • Replaces the Shatterer with a USA Drone Carrier
  • Spawns 2 missile drones to seek out enemies at a distance
  • Benefits from Air Superiority upgrade

Elite Training
  • Equips all infantry with a kevlar. Blocks up to 10/20/30 damage (T1/T2/T3 & Hero units)
  • Kevlar armor is plate grade and tiered, once destroyed it does not replenish
  • Increases infantry combat experience speed by 15%
Rank 3

  • Calls in a heavy "Crazy Bird" Meteor Bomber to level the target area

Paladin Tank
  • Replaces the M1A1 Abrams with the Paladin Tank
  • The Paladin can intercept incoming enemy missiles targeting any friendly units within 4 cells


Germany has further advanced Albert Einstein's prism technology used during the second and third world wars, creating the powerful Particle Cannon Satellite and classified prototype systems used widely across the battlefield.
Recent developments allow commanders to deploy powerful self-repairing shields on any vehicle as they see fit.

Rank 1

Laser Comanche
  • Upgrades the Comanche with laser guns, increasing damage by 20%
  • Becomes available at T1.5 instead of T2

E.M.S Missile
  • Tiered support power that disables weapons of enemies hit
  • Effect duration and damage increases each tier
Rank 2

  • Enables the Refractor at T2. Support infantry able to buff other laser and prism units.
  • The buff is stackable and lasts .66 seconds. Increases all stats by 7% and reduces speed by 5%

Shard Burst
  • Tiered support power that debuffs enemy vehicles in the target area
  • Debuff lasts 20/40/60 seconds and causes a random explosion every 10 seconds
Rank 3

Phase Shield
  • Adds a 50 HP T3 shield to friendly vehicles in an area. Absorbs excess damage
  • Shields replenish after 1 minute if destroyed. Shield armor type is the same as the host unit

Nova Tank
  • Enables the Nova Tank at T3. Equipped with a x2 charge missile interceptor
  • The Nova, like the Paladin can intercept incoming enemy missiles, with higher efficiency at 6 cells


The Japenese specialize in advanced robotics such as their dual mode Tengu Jets as well as weather manipulation, deploying weather towers anywhere on the battlefield. Their scientists have branched Chrono technology into an entirely new class: Cryogenics. Their focus is disrupting enemies with powerful area damage and slow effects.

Rank 1

Imperial Munitions
  • Increases damage of Tengus and Jieitai by 20% and enables the Beam Katana support power
  • Beam Katana allows Jieitai to draw their swords, becoming melee with increased armor

Tempest Pike
  • Tiered support power that deploys a weather tower anywhere with a timed lifespan
  • Rank 1: 3 shots per round, 1000 HP
  • Rank 2: 4 shots per round, 1250 HP
  • Rank 3: 5 shots per round, 1500 HP
Rank 2

Maiden Remnant
  • Upgrades Archer Maidens to leave behind a remnant when killed
  • Remnants have a short lifespan, are immune to damage and automatically target enemies

Buster Surprise
  • Tiered support power that deploys a team of Cryobusters anywhere after a short delay
  • Rank 1: 1 Cryobuster
  • Rank 2: 3 Cryobusters
  • Rank 3: 5 Cryobusters
Rank 3

Cryo Strike
  • Calls in a team of 3 Galewings to bomb the target area twice
  • Bombs deal damage and slow the target's ROF and speed by 30% (stackable)

Ice Rink
  • Increases armor by 50% and reduces speed by 50% of all units affected for 40 seconds