How to Install Rise of the East

Rise of the East is not a standalone mod and requires files from Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge in order to function. It is also recommended to create a separate folder for the mod and not to extract it into your existing Red Alert 2 directory if you have CnCNet installed as it will overwrite files. It's recommended to install the mod somewhere with little admin requirement such as your Desktop folder or the like.

Below is a list of files needed from your vanilla Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge folder:
  • BINKW32.dll
  • BLOWFISH.dll
  • gamemd.exe (patched to v1.001)
  • ra2.mix
  • ra2md.mix
  • language.mix
  • langmd.mix

Installation Guide

Installing the mod is very easy, just follow the steps below and if you run into any issues during installation or after please refer to the troubleshooting section further down the page.

  • Step 1 - Download Rise of the East 3.0 here
  • Step 2 - Extract the mod folder somewhere
  • Step 3 - Copy the 7 files mentioned above from your RA2:YR folder to the mod folder
  • Step 4 - Run the REClient.exe file to open the client

Once the client is open, it will prompt you to configure it (if it is your first time). It will also scan for any updates available.


I've put together a list of common isuues and questions with known solutions. For anything not listed below please do join our discord server and leave us a note. :)

  • I have 2.1/2.2 installed, can I install 3.0 over it?
      No, 3.0 is not compatible with earlier versions. It simply changes and adds too many things. Installing it over existing builds may introduce visual errors and cause online desyncs.
  • My game won't start, my client keeps minimising then coming back up
    1. Can be a common issue if the game failed to open via Syringe, simply try again. Otherwise:
    2. If that does not work check task manager for any gamemd.exe sessions and force close it, then try again.
    3. If the former 2 solutions do not work, restart your PC then try to start a game.
    4. Still not working? Please reach out to us via Discord.
  • I keep getting a Syringe.exe error when I launch a game!
    1. Try giving your client admin rights. (right click on REClient.exe > Properties > Compatibility tab > tick "Run this program as an admin" and hit OK.
  • I get a white driver warning message ingame when using ReShade
    1. The most recent nVidia driver update is the cause, it currently only happens with CNC-DDRAW and may not affect all but has been reported by a few. Disable ReShade or use a different renderer.
  • My mouse is lagging ingame
    1. Your computer or settings is not optimized for ReShade. To test this, while ingame press the home button on your keyboard and change your preset to the OG one. If your mouse moves smoothly then it means either your renderer selection or your computer specs is not suitable for ReShade. Alternatively you can disable ReShade via the client Options.
  • "Couldn't find executable" at game start
    1. This is the issue of not having the required RA2/YR files in mod installation folder.
  • "FATAL String Manager failed to initialize properly" at game start
    1. Close the client first. Give Syringe.exe, gamemd.exe and REClient.exe admin rights (run as admin) and try again
  • I can't start the client, I keep getting an error or a Kabooom message!
    1. Go into your Resources folder and try opening all of the following until your client works:
    2. clientdx.exe
    3. clientxna.exe
    4. clientogl.exe

    5. If none of the above work, please go on our discord and upload your client.log file to the #bug-reporting channel.
      Your client.log file is located in the Client folder.

For everything else not listed above please follow the link below to join our Discord:

join discord boiz