Image Contest AUG 2022

In order to celebrate the upcoming(at the time) Rise of the East 3.0 patch, and the launch of the new site, we decided to host an image contest.
Below are the top 5 images that won the contest. Thanks to everyone who joined the contest!
Make sure to click the images to see them in their full glory!

1st place

User: CatTanker
Category: Imminent action

GLA strike force assaulting a Chinese Missile Silo Site and a series of civilian dams

2nd place

User: Leaf
Category: Pretty base

United States is known for their status as the "King of Aerial Warfare" by other countries, dominating every rival with their advanced aircraft capabilities. This is one of the sub-ordinate base of their complex aircraft network.

3rd place

Category: Pretty base

Last ditch of resistance.

4th place

User: Uzef
Category: A soldier's tale
Title: Ghosts of tomorrow

As the soviet union grows bold. Their men resort to unorthodox weaponry and research, a bastardization of the allied prism tech. Twisted over another defiled relic. One with potential. Comrade leader Yuri himself sends his best agents into the jungles of Tulum to take what is theirs.

5th place

User: (blank)
Category: Pretty base

A rainy day Iraq's border defense base received news from the Allied air base and sent some self explosive trucks to support.


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