Help us

As Rise of the East is a massive project worked on by a few people, we always appreciate any help that would allow us to speed things up!

Would you like to help us with our project? Here is what we're looking for:

Map & Mission Designers
Are you capable of making maps? That's already sufficient, even if you can't really script, just mapping alone is already a massive help. If creating visually nice maps is your forte, feel free to shoot us a message through discord or ModDB.

3D modelers
Are you capable of 3D-modelling in Blender, 3DS Max and so on? Then you'll likely be able to make SHPs and buildings too!
There are quite a few conversion scripts out there and 3D modelling is probably the "easiest" way of making Infantry SHPs to-date. 

Infantry, building & Voxel artists
We could always use new buildings or units. Especially infantry is hard to come by. Do you think you're capable at doing any of these? shoot us a message!

Voice actors
New units need new voices. No one likes re-using voices!
Do you like grunting or telling people to die in your (semi) good microphone? Then this is perfect for you!

Music composers
Music is always good and allows the player to feel good as they destroy their enemies. Do you have what it takes to create some catchy music? Your skills are greatly appreciated!


Feel free to leave us a comment on the Rise of the East Moddb page to give some feedback about the mod. Alternatively, join the active discord!