Of course, Rise of the East wouldn't be able to exist without the help of many good people.
Therefore, a page dedicated to all of you!

GLA Buildings and Part of desert Terrain - SCIPCIONSCIPCION BUT OTHER LINK
Client Features & Assistance | Phobos project lead - Kerbiter
Lot of work on Phobos & bug fixes - Otamaa
Rise of the East website -  SOSolacex
(Credits to Peacekeep0r for help on the general faction descriptions, Thien for helping me with unit stats)

Overall help and support towards the mod in terms of voxels, shps and spreading the news -
TomLee & Diana and YuanMing

Also check out YuanMing's mod here: The Moment of Genesis

Private Assets - Do not use without permission
2.2 snow - ayylmao
3.0 Desert terrain - ayylmao/ SCIPCION
3.0 Temperate terrain - (FW, SMxReaver)

3.0 Big/New animations (REXX etc) - ayylmao
Disruptor Warhead EXP - dennis
Building & vehicle explosions, rain, sandstorm - SCIPCION
New Plasma Trail - Ocey

East Asia Structure Design - CalmishPhill (see further down the list)
Yuri Cell Tower - Ocey & snmiglight
2.2+ East Asian Structures - SCIPCION

Maps made by Cattanker & Attenpeter require permission from them before use.

Scavenger Tank - ayylmao/Yuri_Prime
Radar jammer - crazybird
Battlemaster Tank v2, Railgun Tank, Helix, T54 model/old Battlemaster (unused) - Creator
Quad Tank, Radar Van, Toxin Tractor, Cobra Tank, Radar Van, M.O.W. - Creator
Yuri Expansion Vehicle, Athena Cannon, Aircraft Carrier - Creator
Warlord Tank - Creator | Fuzzo for the remake
A10 - damfoos
Emperor Battleship (2.1) - geno
Drifter - Kerbiter
Kirov Airship, Decimator (2.1), Cryobuster - Ocey
East Asia transport - Ocey & snmiglight
Soviet Expansion Vehicle - Salted Old
New Soviet transport - snmiglight
GLA MCV, GLA, Asian & Allied Expansion Vehicle - Yuri_Prime
Toxin Tractor, Marauder Tank, Scarab Tank, POW Truck - Yuri_Prime
(Bomb) EMP Truck, 3.0 Comanches, Paladin Tank - Yuri_Prime
Grad, Scout, Assault Crawler, Asian Ore Miner - Yuri_Prime


Public Assets - Use only if you give credits
New terrain - OmegaBolt, MooMan65, Starkku & modder666
Temperate trees - MadHQ
Other snow trees - HG_SCIPCION

Various new explosions - SMxReaver, MirceaOfRivia, ayylmao, Apollo
Some new misc. animations - Apo
New nukes, H2O exp's & flames (flames unused) - DonutArnold
Infantry Corpses - MadHQ
Aurora Explosion - snmiglight
Large parachute - 红枫

Most resized/reworked vanilla infantry - Atomic Noodles
CNC3/RA3 Conversions, GLA Infantry, Trung & Quang, Ahsan - DaFool
GLA Infantry - DaFool, Jarmen Kell shadows by ayylmao
EMP Tesla Raider - ImP_RuLz
RA3 conversions, Allied Attack Dog, Yuri Cyborg, Toxin Templar, Eradicator & baneling - kenosis
Thunderer, Incinerator, Tank Hunter, Allied Grenadier, Unit pack - Raminator
Cryo Tanya - Red crimo
Prism Trooper, Officer, Grenadier, vdv (unused), Saboteur - TransC
Hijacker - Lord Kal
Allied Pilot - ArgCmdr

New Prism Tower - Atomic_Noodles & Fryone
Soviet Airfield - Nooze, snow version by ayylmao/XxpeddyxX
Prerelease Soviet Walls - BrianPrime
Booby Trap - Damfoos
GLA Buildings - DaFool | Edits by Solacex
Tactical Nuke - MadHQ
Tempest Pike - Madhq / atomicnoodles
AA GUN - Merophage
Allied airfield - Mig Eater, snow version by ayylmao/XxpeddyxX
PRC buildings - Mig Eater
Grand Cannon Turret = NucleiSplitter
Small Hospital - OmegaBolt
AA gun turret - shepherd moons
Asian shipyard - xuetianyi

New Multiplayer Maps - please see author section in map preview

YR Empty cameo background - MadHQ
Building Corner Shape fix - red crimo

Hyena - ayylmao
Demo Truck, F22, Laser Tank & Howitzer - Azri
Nighthawk, Stealth Tank - azri_apoc
Lynx Battle Tank, ICBM - B.A.Znd 
Nuke Cannon - B.A.Znd & Dennis
Shenlong - Conman
M1A1 Abrams v2, UN M1A1 Abrams v2, Raven, B-2 Shadow, Tomahawk - Creator
M1A1 Abrams v3 - Creator, die, edit by ayylmao/XxpeddyxX
Rocket Buggy - cxtian39, upgraded turrets by ayylmao
Mastermind - cyanideT
CNC3/RA3 Conversions - DaFool
(most) East Asian Navy - daTS
Supply Truck, Helix - daz + edit for retexture by ayylmao/XxpeddyxX
M1A1 Abrams - die, edit by ayylmao/XxpeddyxX
Soviet V3 - Earthman
TT Venom - hassan_2030
Stinger - IVI
MI24, Soviet Sukhoi & Cargo Plane - KALAPS S8
EMP/Burst Drone, Iron Fist, RA3 MiG, Civilian Trains, Civilian vehicle expansion - MadHQ
Bullfrog - MadHQ (edit by ayylmao/XxpeddyxX)
Chengdu, Combat Buggies, PHZ-89, SU30-T Tesla - Midian-P
MiG - MiGEater
Hammer Tank - NucleiSplitter, ayylmao
UN Convoy Truck - NucleiSplitter
Microwave Tank - MDR
Half track, RA3 MIG, Lasher Tank v2 - Moder.U
East Asian battleships - overwatch
MLRS M270 - SaneDisruption
Splicer, Earthshocker - Salted_Old
HS-13 ICBM, EAMCV & ICBM/V5, INFERNO tank, Tesla Tank (coil guns version) - Shepherd Moons
Half Track, Prism Tank - shin.peter.pan 
Nighthawk Transport - splitter
Tesla Tank - Stingerr
Emperor Overlord - summer
Aircraft Carrier - t98766a 
Yuri Seaker - TX1138
UN Light Tank & UN Humvee, Igla Assault Chopper - unknown
B-2 Specter, Spy Plane - Zerg
HMLRS, Allied Navy, Battle Fort, Shatterer, Asian Hover Transport - Zero18


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